Voice over IP

Whether you call it Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) or IP Telephony, you're going to wonder how you ever lived with a traditional phone system.  The two VOIP solutions we support include a wide variety of hardware and software telephone options, a nationwide calling area, super low international rates, voicemail to email, conference rooms, auto-attendant, call queueing, music or custom recordings on hold, Outlook and web browser integration, and no proprietary hardware. 

Not only can you keep your existing phone number, but you can easily add additional numbers (including toll-free) from anywhere in the US, Canada, or over 30 other countries, and have them ring right at your desk.

Nearly every customer we've transitioned to VOIP has cut their monthly voice service bill in half, if not by more.  The cost savings are great, but the improved productivity and convenience make this too important to miss.

Hosted PBX

CyberVoIP is a business phone service with better features, flexibility, and pricing than traditional phone systems.  All you need are IP phones and an Internet connection -- no server, phone lines, or contracts.

On-site IP PBX

CyberPBX is an affordable, incredibly full-featured replacement for a traditional, proprietary phone system.  Running on standard hardware with support for IP phones from about a dozen manufacturers, you'll be hard pressed to find something it can't do.  We couldn't function without CyberPBX -- it's what we use for our own phone system.